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The Alordesh Coup D'etat (also known simply as the Alordesh Coup) is the name give to two separate attempts by elements of the Alordesh Military to take control of the People's Republic of Alordesh and formally break away from the OCU. The second Coup was secretly orchestrated by the OCU to test the "FENRIR System,", Grimnir to destabilize the OCU, and Ven Mackarge wishing for genunie independence this conflict serves as the main backdrop for the plot of Front Mission 2.


Aldoresh had largely defined itself economically as a industrial and manufacturing hub, this closely tied it's economy to military production; rapid industrialization with large-scale financial assistance from OCU was conducted during 2026. Large-scale factory construction by OCU companies begins in Aldoresh as Wanzers were shown to be the next big technology in the 2030s by 2068; Aldoresh focused it's industry very heavily on wanzer production and had an economic boom with the First Huffman Conflict followed by a recession. Just as quickly OCU corporate interest were withdrawn in the 2080s less than twenty years later creating intense economic pains; Aldoresh requests economic aid from the OCU which is only granted on the condition Aldoresh formally joined the OCU. This recession ended not with aid but instead with an even greater boon created with the Second Huffman Conflict as OCU Aldoresh but this then met with an even more intense economic recession as wartime demand winded down.

This created an intense criticism of the OCU by not only working class people but also elements of Aldoresh's military in which it was seen as the OCU were utilizing Aldoresh for it's production without providing it real lasting economic benefits and avoiding the recessions that normally plague the ends of wars.

Upon these premises both coups would begin though with separate objectives.

The First Coup[]

in 2098 an attempted coup d'etat by Colonel Rob Azad is conducted with the interest of driving the OCU to the negotiating table in relation to the economic struggles of Aldoresh, they attempted to seize Dhaka and failed to defeat OCU garrisons despite them still reeling with the aftermath of the Second Huffman War. The Aldoresh Army is largely rolled down as a punishment for the Coup, taking yet another economic means from the people, and serves more as a warning for the later revolution that is not only more destructive but successful.

The Second Coup[]

in 2102, Ven Mackarage would organize Aldoreshi officers around the country in his revolution to formally separate from the OCU with the help of Grimnir and Inter Gehen supplying weapons in country to an army forbidden from otherwise purchasing arms unless directly from and under observation by the OCU Ground Forces. Ven would then declare the Revolutionary Army as his force to defeat the OCU and simultaneously attack every OCU Garrison Base across the country. This initial attack would inflict immense casualties on OCU forces, with the Muddy Otters and other OCU Marine Defense Force units retreating to Dhaka and preparing for a pitched battle against the Revolutionary army. They would reveal their trump card, that the Otters avoided thanks to Sarybash Transporation Company intervention, in a massive strategic bomber that totally destroyed the majority of remaining OCU Units and the Revolutionary Army declared victory in Dhaka.

The international community but most importantly the people of Aldoresh, who initially saw the coup as a popular move, were horrified to see Dhaka so scarred by the bombing that, while destroying the OCU MDF Units in Aldoresh, also inflicted immense collateral damage and unintentional civillian casualties of the same people Ven claimed to stand for. The Revolution began to splinter into factions as a result of infighting over this incident that was initially represented by individuals like Maylan Malda and later shown to be whole divisions no longer believing in Ven's cause.

It was also in this time that Grimnir began openly operating in the country rather than in line with Ven's ambitions and placed Aldoresh in a near state of anarchy with it's actions. Royd Clive would place land mines indiscriminately across the country that began killing many people not even involved in the fighting, Glen Duval would utilize the Black Geese to make surgical strikes across the country and manipulate the war to appear as though the OCU was still operating in Aldoresh, lastly Franz Herschel of Intergehren was interested in recovering a lost factory made by the OCU in the 2070s that controlled the abandoned FENRIR project and began openly defying Ven and even attacking the Revolutionary Army as it suited him. None of these actions would help the Revolution that then would fall apart due to outright infighting, Ven would be killed in the later stages of the war by the Black Geese, Grimnir would be thwarted by Barghest, Ash with team destroying the Black Geese, and an OCU Navy Battlegroup lands in the Bay of Bengal from OCU Australia that overruns the country with OCU MDF, GDF, and CISU forces; stabilizing the situation but being brought to the negotiating table by the Saraybash Transportation Company wanting to address the roots of the conflicts.


Aldoresh would earn independence as a result of the scandal of FENRIR being built in Aldoresh without anyone in the country knowing, Ven is remembered as a patriot and a martyr as is Rob Azad with Saraybash speculated as being a candidate for President. After Front Mission 2 Aldoresh is addressed briefly in Front Mission 3 and Front Mission 5.