Barilar family is a family that own a farm in Rantepao, Sulawesi that exists in Front Mission 3, Alisa story line. One of their member, Linny Barilar is playable character once the team reach DHZ mainland. They are probably originating from Phillipines, and they have connections with Luis Family, a well known Pinoy rich family.

Known memberEdit

  • Barden Barilar, leader of family
  • Beatrice Barilar, wife of Barden
  • Linny Barilar, son of Barden
  • Kate Barilar, daughter
  • Tanya Barilar, daughter
  • Skylar Barilar, daughter
  • Olrik Barilar, father of Barden
  • Erme Barilar, mother of Barden


Barilar family can only be found when the team fails to destroy Cadenza transport in battle Wilson Cliffs, Australia. After the mission, the team investigate the explosion that is detected in Sulawesi, which they thought could be MIDAS. After gathering information in Palopo city, the team then head to Rantepao to meet The Barilar at their farm.

They arrive when the explosion occurs, causing some wanzers to come out of barn. It is Barilar Family that drives the wanzers. They were doing some kind of experiment before the explosion happens.

The Barillar Family is proud of their new type of wanzer, the methane wanzer. Its energy source is methane that comes from anaerobic digestion of cow manure. They expect to defeat the team and gain publication of how powerful their wanzer is.

It is then discovered that the explosion wasn't MIDAS, just the explosion of a methane gas tank.