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Bogomol in FM4

The Bogomol (Russian: Богомол, Mantis) is a mobile weapon model that appeared in Front Mission 4. It is produced by the Demitri Corp. of the Republic of Zaftra.


Similar to typical Zhuks, Bogomol was seen equipped with a cannon, machinegun and missile launchers. It is very large, with a length of about 15 metres. It has extremely strong armour (can take more than three times the amount of damage than average wanzers before going down), firepower and surprisingly, rather decent mobility. Its firepower is illustrated by the fact that its cannon is capable of almost destroying a wanzer's body in one single blow, despite with the drawback of below-average accuracy. Still, weapons with this level of power are rarely seen.

Aside from these, Bogomol is probably designed to be able to move both on land and under water. This is because it was seen hiding under water with its pilot before showing itself, while its size makes carrying it with submarine rather unlikely to happen.

Its control system seems to be very complicated, as it requires multiple pilots to control it.

Its first (and so far only) appearance is in the final mission of the U.S.N. scenario of Front Mission 4, under the control of Anizka Ivanovna Aleksandrov, who ambushed Darril and his crew in port Cumana. Other than that, the model is never seen. This along with the fact that it is very large and powerful leads to the speculation that it is very costly to produce.



  • Bogomol (Front Mission 4)

Known Pilots[]


  • In the main series, Bogomol is one of the few mobile weapon models that occupy spaces larger than 4 blocks. The others are ISV09A-S Mobile Fortress from Front Mission 2, Xiangyu from Front Mission 3 and Kouten from Front Mission 5: Scars of the War. It should be noted that all of them except Kouten appeared in the final missions of their respective installments.
  • In its debut, Bogomol broke the record of highest HP in the main series, at 9800. It was then surpassed by Kouten and T-1 Brutal Wolf when Front Mission 5: Scar of War was released.