Cornelius Werner is the main antagonist of Front Mission Evolved.


A ruthless person to the core, he shows absolutely no mercy to anyone he faces from enemy Wanzers to his former comrade in arms, namely Adela Seawell. He also exhibits traits of being a social Darwinist and is extremely delusional with the cold war fought between the nations and seeks a permanent solution to the problem rather than the zero sum game perpetuated by the political superpowers. His relationship with Adela is one of abuse and hatred, the mention of the EDGE system will cause her to emotionally break down and never hesitate to call her on the guilt of the Phantom Incident as he was the other survivor of the incident which left him with a scar over his right eye.


Cornelius Werner was born in the USN and became quickly known as an infamous Wanzer pilot. There he met Adela who was testing out the EDGE System. Two years prior to the events of Front Mission Evolved, Adela at the goading of Cornelius was told to activate the system against an enemy force but the result was horrific as almost everyone save him and Adela perished in the devastating attack. Knowing the system fully works, he intended to do what Mosley had wanted but backed out of due to ethical reasons; eradicate all forms of warfare and the concept of nations with one single dominant AI lording over humanity and becoming the figurehead of the people.

To ensure the plan comes into fruition, he disappeared after the Phantom Incident and joins forces with Apollo's Chariot and formed the Sword of Damocles terrorist organization. Their attacks focused on the Space Elevators and provoking armed interventions against one another. However his efforts were thwarted by Dylan Ramsey who defeats him at space station Vritra.