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The Crustacia is a wanzer model that has appeared only in Front Mission 5: Scar of War. It is produced by the Basalt Corp. of E.C. Italy.


Crustacia and its variants are notable for their high output yet above-average evasion and mobility, abilities that tend to be missing in high-output wanzers. Therefore, it was suggested to be capable of the role of Mechanics and Jammers, perhaps even dual-role. However, in the game, it was never actually seen in battles nor purchasable in wanzer shops. Thus, it is currently not clear regarding how it is deployed by military units, but it is speculated that some pilots equip their wanzers with Crustacia body for the sake of its high output.

It also has two known branch sereis, which are named Cancer and Carapace respectively.


  • Unknown


  • Crustacia (Front Mission 5)
  • Cancer (Front Mission 5)
  • Carapace (Front Mission 5)

Known PilotsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Interesting, the name of Crustacia and all of its variants are related to marine animals. Crustacia is named after a family of arthropods. Cancer is an astrological sign with a crab as its symbol. Lastly, the term Carapace refers to the dorsol section of the exoskeleton of a group of animals which are mostly aquatic.