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The Dagat Ahas (Filipino: roughly "Sea Snake") is a naval mobile weapon that appeared in Front Mission 3.


The Dagat Ahas is a naval fortress used by the O.C.U. Philippine Navy as part of the 4th fleet. It houses various aircrafts, ships, vehicles, and wanzers while processing anti-submarine and anti-air capabilities.[1]

Front Mission 3[]

During Alisa's storyline, Dagat Ahas is a naval fortress that the main protagonist and his group must confront in the campaign to help the Bamarm and his Philippines Liberation Force invade the northern Philippines. The main protagonist and his group must infiltrate the naval fortress in order to sabotage it which prevents it from reinforcing Luzon during the invasion by the Philippines Liberation Force. With the help of a D.H.Z. submarine and its wanzer-launching torpedo capsules, the main protagonist and his company were able to board the Dagat Ahas and complete their planned objectives to disable the naval fortress. The O.C.U. naval captain then had no choice but to accept that the Dagat Ahas is stranded and ordering the flagship on guard duty and sending the remaining fleet to Luzon.



  • The naval fortress Dagat Ahas is 135m long making it slightly longer than the Tianlei mobile fortress (100m) of the D.H.Z.; however, it is still only over half the length of the U.C.S. Navy's aircraft carrier Thomas Jefferson (333m).[1]