Mikhail Ilyich Rezanov (also known as Driscoll) is the main antagonist of Front Mission First.

Biography Edit

Driscoll was a USN Captain during the time of the Second Huffman Conflict, and was the head of the Nirvana Institute controlled by Zaftra. The OCU usually bear the brunt of Driscoll's cruelty, but Driscoll is really an ally to none but the Republic of Zaftra. Driscoll's mission is being used by Koichi Sakata for the company's gain and, at the same time, Driscoll is using Sakata Industries to make Zaftra reign supreme. Because of the extensive role Driscoll played in the Larcus Incident - the disappearance of Royd Clive's fiancé Karen Meure - and in the B-Device and S-Device production, he can be regarded as the primary antagonist of Front Mission First (other than Koichi Sakata).