The Emergency Defense Galvanosynaptic Enhancer System (also known as E.D.G.E. System) is an defensive system that stimulates the pilot's nervous system directly, allowing to evade enemy's attack which appeared in Front Mission Evolved. It is created by Dylan Ramsey's father, Alan Ramsey.

E.D.G.E System are only activated once the meter reached 25%. However, waiting until reached 75% will resulting more powerful effects. When its reached 100%, it will give most powerful effect and also give all weapons unlimited ammo until the E.D.G.E System meters are running out.

When activated the E.D.G.E System, the user's Wanzer are glowing in silver, just in case as Dylan's Zephyr and Adela's Frost while Cornelius's Caballus are glowing in yellow when activated. E.D.G.E has also give an enhanced speed, allowing to evade enemy's attack.

During mission Promise, the E.D.G.E. system is used to revive downed Wanzers and have them engage Ramsey's squad. Despite the armor of the Wanzers being visibly damaged, they attack as if they were fully functional. In the following mission Fafnir, Cornelius Werner demonstrates his ability to control others that are using the E.D.G.E. system.


The E.D.G.E. System was created by Dr. Alan Ramsey, with involvement with General Godwin Mosley. A modified version of the E.D.G.E. device was used during testing on the day of the Phantom Incident.

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