Frederick Lancaster is a recurring character featured in the Front Mission series.


Frederick Lancaster was born in OCU Australia, rising through the ranks as a reporter, his passion as a journalist took him to Huffman Island during the Second Huffman Conflict, where he was recording footage of a cargo plane containing precious cargo when he was fired upon by USN pilots. Saved by the Canyon Crows, he joins the outfit to get footage and information on the Second Huffman Conflict, quickly becoming their personal journalist who would provide an unbiased view of the conflict at large. Shortly after the ceasefire, he temporarily left the crows to investigate the events of the Larcus incident and uncovered that Sakata Industries and Zaftra had a role in the development of the B-Type Devices in a colluding plot to bolster both sides' influence. After the war he would publish a book that chronicled the events of the Second Huffman Conflict.

After the Huffman conflict, Lancaster continued to do more stories based on the fallout of the Zaftra's involment in the incident, getting himself involved in Venezula. He learned the truth that the Zaftran Government had begun an attempt to invoke tensions between E.C. and U.S.N. to profit from the war after a raw material embargo was made against Zaftra for their involvement in the B-Type Device incident.