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Front Mission: Dog Life & Dog Style is an original manga set in the Front Mission universe. It was serialized in magazine publication Young Gangan from March 2007 to October 2012. As an original series, Dog Life & Dog Style focuses on characters completely new to the Front Mission universe and is in some ways it's own take on the conflict within Huffman Island; thought it revisits locations mentioned or visited largely in Front Mission First and Front Mission 2089 and features modernized redesigns of Wanzers seen throughout the series.

Dog Life & Dog Style begins in May 2090 and ends in August 2092. The story revolves around a Japanese journalist, Kenichi Inuzuka. The story begins as Kenichi is sent to Huffman Island with a group of Japanese journalists on a documentary assignment. This does not come to fruition as all hell breaks loose with the outbreak of the Second Huffman Conflict. Separated from his colleagues and with no easy way off the island, Kenichi finds himself documenting the horrors of war on the front lines via an anonymous blog that increasingly gains public popularity.

Dog Life & Dog Style is split into Styles, which are short stories of various civilians and military personnel caught up in the war. These Styles are connected through Kenichi, who happens to stumble across them at the wrong place and time during the Second Huffman Conflict and ends with his return to Japan.


Style 1: The Invisible Man of the Battlefield

Style 2: Poem of Sakimori

Style 3: A Pack of Hounds

Style 4: The Fruit of Paradise

Style 5: Heroes Cross 

Style 6: Unlucky Days

Style 7: Return of the Shepherd

Style 8: Epilogue "Japan"