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Front Mission is a manga which was serialized in magazine publication ASCII Comix from January 1995 to July 1995. Most of the chapters were re-released under the title Front Mission Comics on July 22, 1995. The Comics manga is an expanded universe supplement to the original Front Mission. Created before the release of the video game, and serialized during the release year it served as side-content to the game. The manga tells short stories that are set during the time of the game and serve to expand character relations or add small bits of backstory.


The compiled Front Mission manga contains 10 chapters:

  1. What is a Wanzer? (What is the WAP?)A detailed explanation of Wanzer history formatted as a encyclopedic article, explains the story of wanzer development previous to the 2nd Huffman conflict.
  2. Trap GameThe chapter focuses on Royd, Karen and Ryuji during their time doing border patrol before the Larcus Incident.
  3. RevengerThe chapter focuses on Royd during his time as an arena fighter and provides an alternative telling of how Orson recruited him for the Canyon Crows.
  4. GotchaThe chapter is set after the rescue of Yang Yeehin and focuses on his relation to Keith and Meihua. This story shows a short fight that would take place before the mission at Morgan Fortress.
  5. Late for DinnerThe chapter is set after the battle at Grey Rock hospital, and tells how Natalie, Keith, J.J, Hans, Ryuji and Gregorio stop an attempt to launch a missile at Grey Rock city to erase the evidence left after the battle.
  6. Before the DawnThe chapter focuses on Bobby and Alder discussing over Bobby being regretful about losing his past unit in battle.
  7. The Rise and Fall of Canyon CrowsThe chapter is written as a documentary telling an abbreviated story of the formation, achievements, and disappearance of Canyon Crows, considered as a legendary mercenary force that completed the hardest missions without casualties.
  8. Wandrung PanzerA compilation of wanzer desings and 3d renders with detailed descriptions of their technology and functionality.
  9. Mission ReportA comedic meta story about a manga artist reactions and feeling during his Front Mission playthrough
  10. Dunces of southern isleCompilation of jokes in a 4-Koma style set in the Front Mission setting


  • There are two extra chapters of Front Mission which were not included in the official omnibus. These chapters are found only in the ASCII Comix magazines.
  • References to other Front Mission story elements include: the African Conflict, Wanderwagen (WAW), the First Huffman Conflict, the Huffman Crisis, Sakata Industries, the Bioneural Device, and the Peace Mediation Organization.
  • There are 16 color pages inside the manga.