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Front Mission Map (Left Alive)

The world of Front Mission, circa 2127 (Left Alive)

Front Mission is a media franchise created by Toshiro Tsuchida and owned by Square Enix. Although the main focus of the franchise is on the Tactical Role Playing Games that make up the main series, a large number of manga and novels were created to tie into the games and help expand the Front Mission universe. The series has also ventured into other genres besides tactical role-playing, such as side-scrolling shooterreal-time strategythird-person shooter, and massively multiplayer online shooter.

The main draw of Front Mission is its storytelling approach. Taking place during the 21st and 22nd centuries, the series revolves around military conflicts and political tension between powerful supranational unions and their member states. Although the games use self-contained, standalone stories, these tie into a greater overarching storyline that encompasses the entire franchise, giving the series a level of storytelling depth and continuity comparable to a serial drama. Another major draw of the series is its use of giant mecha called "wanzers" (from the German word wanderpanzer) in battle that can be customized by the player in a variety of ways.

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