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The Frost is one of the most iconic Wanzer models in the series. It appears and is playable in all main series installments except Front Mission 3 (though it appears in the opening movie) and was also featured in Front Mission Evolved. It is the flagship model line of arms manufacturer Diable Avionics of U.S.N. America.


The Frost and its derivative Blizzaia series are heavy armor type wanzers, boasting thick levels of armoring and advanced leg stabilizers that allows them to withstand enemy fire and maintain balance. While not boasting a level of armoring equal to a main battle tanks, the Frost HW models (which were designed specifically for Hell's Wall) have 400 mm armor plates attached onto the base armoring. As a result of this, the Frost HW is one of the few MULS-P wanzers that boasts a level of durability stronger than a main battle tank. The Frost's unique defensive scheme allow it to fulfill a variety of combat roles, from close-range assault types to long-range launcher types. The Frost's primary weakness is that it lacks mobility and therefore cannot travel around battlefields as fast as most wanzers. The lack of mobility was later rectified in the Blizzaia model line, which removes excess armoring around the arm and leg joints. Although this makes it more vulnerable to damage in those particular areas, the armoring around the core remains intact.

Known StatisticsEdit


Height: 6.1 meters

Weight: 27 tons


  • U.S.N. Armed Forces - Huffman Island, primarily as assaults (Front Mission First, Online, 5, 2089)
  • The Revolutionary Army, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 2)
  • U.S.N. 332nd Mobile Company, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 4)
  • U.S.N. Marines, primarily as assaults and launchers (Front Mission 4)


  • Frost (Front Mission First, 2, 4, 5, Online, Evolved)

    Frost/Frost C wanzer

  • Frost C (Front Mission 4, 5)
  • Frost M (Front Mission 4)
  • Frost M37 (Front Mission 2)
  • Frost M40 (Front Mission 2)
  • Frost M50 (Front Mission 2)
  • Frost HW (Front Mission First, 5)
  • Blizzaia (Front Mission 5, Online)
  • Blizzaia L (Front Mission First, 4, 5)

    Hell's Wall special Frost

  • Blizzaia L2 (Front Mission 4)
  • Blizzaia S (Front Mission 4)
  • Blizzaia S2 (Front Mission 4)

    Blizzaia wanzer

Known PilotsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Since Front Mission's original release, Frost has always been considered to be the "U.S.N. counterpart" of Zenith.
  • Diable Avionics has the tendency to name its models after weather phenomena, and many have similarities in spellings. Blizzaia was most likely based off of the term "Blizzard".
  • Despite not actually appearing in the game, the Frost is one of two combat wanzer models (apart from Lukav's Xiandyu 2) to appear in an FMV.
  • Every member of Hell's Wall used a red-painted Frost.