Gentz Weizer is a playable character featured in Front Mission First.

Biography Edit

Gentz is the leader of the "Spirit of Huffman" terrorist group. While working for an unknown military source, Gentz infiltrated a factory run by Sakata Industries. The discovery he made on that mission sent him on a crusade against Sakata Industries. However, all of his attacks against them have failed due to interference from Driscoll and the Black Hounds, as well as the inexperience of the guerrillas working under him.

In the USN scenario, both Matthew Lorenzo and Reiji Sakata remark that while the Spirit of Huffman is a terrorist group, they have never targeted civilians, choosing to exclusively attack Sakata Industries. They do, however, attempt to directly assassinate Reiji.

Trivia Edit

  • It is speculated by some that Gentz is actually the unnamed OCU soldier present during the Larcus incident at the beginning of the game.