Glen Duval is a major character and antagonist featured in Front Mission 5: Scars of the War. Glen also makes an appearance in Front Mission First's DS port during the tutorial and in a hidden side-mission.


Born in 2064, Glen grew up on Huffman Island with his best friends Walter and Randy. When the 1st Huffman Conflict broke out, the trio was caught in an attack on Freedom City, with Walter and Glen being scarred by wanzer shell casings. After the war, Glen was repatriated by the OCU. Many years later, Walter and Randy would reunite with Glen as apart of the USN peacekeeping force sent to Huffman during the Huffman Crisis in 2086. After the outbreak of the 2nd Huffman Conflict, Glen was captured by Walter unit and brought to the Freedom Garrison as a POW. During his transfer from the garrison to a POW camp, he was forcefully implanted with an S-Type Device by Morgan Bernard and made an unwilling member of the Grimnir. During the Battle of Fort Monus, Glen, under the complete control of Bernard, killed Randy before disappearing, leaving Walter mentally broken for a time.

In 2097, Glen appeared once again, using an EMP system to disable Lynn Wenright's wanzer, in an attempt to kill her. Walter managed to save Lynn's life, but was badly injured in the process.

Glen again appeared in a Brutal Wolf during the Battle of Alaska in 2112. Leading the Grimnir forces, Glen attempted to take the USN Alaska Research Laboratory and use the experimental MIDAS reactor to vaporize Alaska and destabilize the USN. During the battle, Glen was hit by Walter's EMP system, which severed his connection to his S-Type Device and temporarily returned him to his senses. Despite being trapped in the MIDAS field, Glen managed to say his final goodbyes to Walter before being vaporized by MIDAS.