Gust in FMO

The Gust is a wanzer model that has long been a part of the Front Mission series. It appeared in all main series installments except Front Mission 3. It was also featured in Front Mission Online. It is produced by the Diable Avionics of U.S.N. America.


Gust and its variants have been characterized by its strong armour and mobility, but rather mediocre output. These suggests that it would make good assault wanzers. Its two arms can be internally equipped with machineguns. However, in later appearance, it is seen with standard arms. If these are variants of the same model or not is not explicitly stated. Gust seems to have proven itself to be competent assault units, and is widely deployed by the U.S.N. Army, as they were seen being piloted by U.S.N. assaults in Huffman Island. Gust and its variants were also seen being deployed by U.S.N. army when it attempt to regain control of Venezuela and when it invaded the Madeira Island. However, they were not exclusive to the U.S.N. since the Revolutionary Army in Alordesh were also seen employing Gust wanzers.

The Gust wanzer model has two branches series, namely the Vapor and the Storm.


  • U.S.N. Huffman, primarily as assaults (Front Mission First, Online, 5)
  • Alordesh State Army, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 2)
  • E.C. Britain, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 4)
  • E.C. Poland, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 4)
  • U.S.N. Venezuela, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 4)


  • Gust (Front Mission First, 5, Online)

    The Storm wanzer

  • Gust 500 (Front Mission 4)
  • Gust 503 (Front Mission 4)
  • Gust 503A (Front Mission 4)
  • Gust 503B (Front Mission 2)
  • Gust 505A (Front Mission 2)
  • Gust 505C (Front Mission 2) - the final variant of Gust series, as Diable ceased its production in 2097.
  • Vapor (Front Mission 5)Both
  • Vapor 2 (Front Mission 5)
  • Storm (Front Mission 5)
    Pcsx2 2012-08-21 18-59-33-76

    The Vapor/Vapor 2 Wanzer

Known PilotsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • There is a wanzer model named Vapor Sand, although it is not known to be related to the Gust series.
  • By 2102 (Front Mission 2), approximately there are 250 Gusts in active military service worldwide.