The Husky is a wanzer model that appeared in Front Mission First, Front Mission 4, Front Mission Online and Front Mission Evolved. It is produced by the Sender Corp. of E.C. England.


In general, Husky and its variants are characterized by average stats in most aspects. This probably accounts for its versatility, since it has been seen being used as launcher units in Huffman Island, while later they were deployed primarily as assault units. As seen in the game, they were employed by both the O.C.U. and U.S.N. army in Huffman Island. They were also said to be used throughout the U.S.N. America, as evidenced in Front Mission 4, in which the model were seen to be widely used in Venezuela.


  • O.C.U. Huffman (Front Mission First, Online)
  • U.S.N. Huffman (Front Mission First, Online)
  • Venezuela State Army, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 4)
  • Venezuelan Liberation Front, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 4)


  • Wp04husky5

    Husky in FMO

    Husky (Front Mission Online, Evolved)
  • Husky 2 Mk. II (Front Mission Online)
  • Husky 2 Mk. III (Front Mission Online)
  • Husky 2 Mk. IV (Front Mission Online)
  • Husky Mk. III (Front Mission First, 4, 2089, Online)
  • Husky Mk. IV (Front Mission First, 4)
  • Husky Mk. V (Front Mission 4, Online)
  • Husky Mk. VI (Front Mission 2089, Online)
  • Husky S (Front Mission 4, Online)
  • Husky SX (Front Mission Online)
  • Husky Rev. 2 (Front Mission Evolved)

Known PilotsEdit


  • Husky is named after a breed of dog.
  • This model is originally intended for airborne operations, thanks to its light weight.