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Igel Eins in FM2

The Igel Eins (German: Igel Eins, Hedgehog One) is a wanzer model that has so far only appeared in Front Mission 2. It is produced by the Schnecke Corp. of E.C. Germany.


It has arm parts installed with shotguns and tread legs. It had only been seen employed by the Revolutionary Army of Alordesh as launcher units. Despite the fact that it was produced in an European Country, it was never seen in any battles involving E.C. troops.


  • Alordesh State Army (Front Mission 2)


  • Igel Eins (Front Mission 2)
  • Igel Zwei (Front Mission 2)

Known Pilots[]

  • None


  • In Front Mission 4, the Grille Sech wanzer model has a new branch series also named Igel Eins, but it in no way resemble the Igel Eins model in Front Mission 2. If it is an error or not is currently unknown.