Jinyo Mk. 110 in FM3

The Jinyo (Japanese: 陣陽, Rushing Sun) is a wanzer model that appeared in Front Mission 3. It is produced by the Kirishima Heavy Industries of O.C.U. Japan.


The Jinyo series is characterized by all-round stats in most aspects, including average mobility, armour, accuracy and output. These suggests that it is not very suitable for any roles other than assaults. Thus, it is extensively deployed by the Japanese Defense Force (J.D.F.) as assault units, typically armed with shotguns and machineguns to engage in close-to-mid-range combat. However, its performance is rather mediocre compared to more popular assault-based wanzer models in its era, such as Zenith and Frost. Thus, it is seldom seen outside Japan, although some other O.C.U. countries also deployed some Jinyo units.


  • Japanese Defense Force, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 3)
  • J.D.F. Special Force, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 3)
  • O.C.U. Phillipines, primarily as assaults (Front Mission 3)


  • Jinyo Mk. 110 (Front Mission 3)

Known PilotsEdit

  • Kuroi (Jinyo Mk. 110), Front Mission 3
  • Jose Astrada (Jinyo Mk. 110), Front Mission 3


  • Although Jinyo's Japanese name is "Jinyou", it was translated as "Jinyo" instead.
  • In Front Mission 3, battle skills are learnt by equipping specific wanzer parts. When equipped, Jinyo Mk. 110 gave Revenge I (Body), ROF Up II (Arms), and Fast Attack (Legs).