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Kazuki Takemura is the main protagonist of Front Mission 3.

Personality and traits[]

Kazuki has a brash and hot-headed but nevertheless kind nature. Overprotective of his step-sister Alisa, Kazuki has a strong sense of justice and always does what he believes is right. In the Alisa scenario, when Kazuki and his party infiltrate the Negros Fortress in the Philipines, Alisa told everyone that Kazuki is afraid of ghost since he was a child. 


Kazuki has been living on his own since losing his mother at the age of 12 and feels a deep hatred for his father, Colonel Isao Takemura, a well-known JDF officer, who wasn't by his mother's side when she was dying.

Emma scenario[]

Kazuki finds himself thrust into battle after discovering Japan's complicity in the theft of MIDAS. However he is more concerned with the safety of Alisa which is what leads to him working alongside the USN. He learns that not only is Emma was the MIDAS' creator, but also Alisa's sister. During this time he begins to develop feelings for Emma to the point of defending her against a distraught Alisa.

It is implied at the end of the story that Emma is pregnant with Kazuki's child.

Alisa scenario[]