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The Kouten (Japanese: 鋼天, Steel Heaven) is a mobile weapon model that appeared in Front Mission 5: Scars of the War. It is produced by the Kirishima Heavy Industry of O.C.U. Japan.


It was seen equipped with a cannon, rifle, shotgun and missile launcher. Its first and so far only appearance is in Alaska U.S.N. Radiation Research Complex, when Morgan Bernard showed himself alongside Glen Duval. Kouten has extremely strong armor and high firepower. The cannon equipped on Kouten is a quarter cannon, consisting of four sub-cannons, each of which fire one round when fired. Kouten used hovering as its main method of movement.



  • Kouten (Front Mission 5)

Known Pilots[]


  • The Kouten is one of the few mobile weapon models that occupy spaces larger than 2 x 2 blocks. The others are the Bismilliah from Front Mission 2, the Xiangyu from Front Mission 3 and the Bogomol from Front Mission 4. It should be noted that all except Kouten appeared in the final missions of their respective installment.
  • The Kouten possesses the highest HP out of any enemy in the main series, with 14462 HP in total.