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Maria Paredes is a major recurring character in the Front Mission series.


Maria normally acts indifferent to Kevin, but late revealed this was because she was in love with him and didn't wish for their feelings towards one another to complicate the mission.


In Front Mission First, Maria is the A-team platoon leader for the Black Hounds, and has remained as such throughout the U.C.S. scenario, although she was later revealed to have an extensive knowledge of Driscoll's actions during the Second Huffman Conflict, being his secret adjutant and enforcer.

Maria was born in a poor village located in U.C.S. South America. Maria was orphaned early in her childhood and was raised to be a guerrilla soldier by her parents' friend. After an attack in U.C.S. America failed, Maria was placed in a high-security prison, and was later released by Driscoll.

Maria then became a member of the Black Hounds A-team platoon, later becoming the squads leader after the old leader was killed during a military operation. Maria later makes an appearance in Front Mission 4, now working as an intelligence agent to assist La Alianza de Libertad Venezolana leader Luis Perez.