Meihua Yang is a major character featured in Front Mission First.


Meihua was born in the Peoples Republic of Da Han Zhong, where she lived with her brother Yeehin until the two decided to travel the world. During their travels Yeehin disappeared and Meihua began searching for him. During her travels, Meihua arrived at Huffman Island, where she injured and sent to a hospital in Grey Rock. There she befriended Karen Meure, who tells Meihua about her separation from her fiancee Royd and show her a picture of the two together.

Eventually, Meihua recovered and left the hospital, continuing the search for her brother. Two months after meeting Karen, Meihua met Royd Clive at an arena in Menasa, where she recognized him from the picture. After battling Royd in the arena to make sure he was who he claimed he was, Meihua joined the Canyon Crows and the group headed to Grey Rock in order to rescue Karen.