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The Oceania Cooperative Union, often shortened to OCU, is a supernation that consists of Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, a number of countries in Southeast Asia, and some Pacific islands. The headquarters of the supernation is in OCU Australia. The bloc, which was created in 2019 out of another ASEAN-type organization called the Bangkok Economic Alliance, also has partial control of Huffman Island, which it shares with the USN. This island in the Pacific Ocean holds much significance in terms of natural resources, which has led to two major wars with the USN.

Although regarded as an equal to the USN in many aspects, the OCU suffers from civil strife. Cambodia and Laos were declare their independence form the OCU along with the creation of an independence alliance in 2097. The People's Republic of Alordesh (formerly known as Bangladesh) was the next member to declare their independence during the Second alordeshi military coup in 2102. The OCU has been struggling to maintain their unity since the events of the coup in Alordesh, the rebellions in Cambodia, and numerous civil disputes in other member-nations such as OCU Philippines. The OCU nearly broke up during an attempted coup in Japan, but this was stopped when news broke that the Okinawa Ocean City was invaded by the DHZ military in 2112.

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The Oceania Cooperative Union is known as the Oceana Community Union in the english release of Front Mission 3.