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Okinawa Ocean City (沖縄海洋都市), also known simply as Ocean City, is a man-made island that is connected to Okinawa, Japan. Okinawa was originally created with the intention of serving as a world trade center; however, by its 20th anniversary, it had grown to several times its original size.


Ocean City is a complex of 13 Primary Blocks, which are 800m long honeycomb structures that were constructed in nine different areas of the Japanese regions of Kyushu, Chugoku, and Tokai. The construction of the Primary Blocks took five years; after their construction, the Primary Blocks moved to Okinawa with the help of their build-in power units, a process that lasted half a year. After the Primary Blocks moved to Okinawa, Ocean City was constructed over a period of three years.

Ocean City is connected to Okinawa by the Ocean City Bridge, a bridge that also serves as the starting point of the Ocean City International Marathon. 5,900 meters long and 5,500 meters wide, Ocean City is the largest man-made island in the world. Each of the Primary Blocks that make up Ocean City house an administrative, corporate, commercial and residential area.

The Japan Defense Force has a major presence on Ocean City, as the JDF naval base makes up 1/3 of the island and houses 8,000 members of the JDF Navy, several warships, and over a hundred Wanzers; however, the base itself is small compared to bases on the mainland.

As Ocean City was originally created as a trade center, Ocean City houses several companies; Kirishima Heavy Industries, a company that manufactures Wanzers and other vehicles is one of the companies that manages Ocean City's engineering center in addition to maintaining several facilities and running PR activities.