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The People's Republic of Da Han Zhong (Simplified Chinese:大汉中人民共和国, Traditional Chinese: 大漢中人民共和国, lit. "People's Republic of the Great Han China"), often shortened to DHZ, was founded after the People's Republic of China and Taiwan merged together; Much of the narrative of Front Mission 3 takes place here.


In 2112, following Chairman Bai's death, Vice-Chairman Ming Huang Jiu was to be sworn in as the new leader despite being a pro-democracy advocate, in consequence of this reality his assistant, Jie Bo Lao, secretly ordered the Rapid Reaction Force to shoot down his plane during a routine flight; his only son, Kwang Ming, was the sole survivor of the assassination attempt. As soon as he became Chairman, Jie Bo Lao promoted new authoritarian policy throughout the country and apparently changed it's name. In a shift from free market policies, all industries were nationalized to create what was dubbed a "National Corporation".

Chairman Jie would silence any form of opposition that stood in his way. Thus the people suffered greatly under the brutal oppression of his government. This led to the rise of an internal resistance faction called the Hua Lian Rebels, which was armed and financed by the USN and, later, the Republic of Ravnui. Although under-equipped and outnumbered by comparison to the Changli Army and Rapid Reaction Force, the Hua Lian Rebels seek to put an end to Jie Bo Lao's dictatorship at any cost.

Despite Hua Lian efforts, the government still reigns supreme by the end of Front Mission 3's two scenarios after the Rapid Reaction Forces successfully thwart their offensive, encircle, and destroy the Hua Lian at Shanghai along with defeat it's renegade Lost Number forces.

The DHZ would go on to be a respected power by the time of Front Mission Evolved having Wanzers on par with era dominators Frost and Zenith like the Kehei.

Known Wanzers Manufactured[]