Purple Haze

The Purple Haze insignia

Purple Haze is a squad within Federal Agency of Intelligence, USN. It is main part of the Front Mission 3. They travel across pacific originally to obtain MIDAS. Their wanzers can be distinguished by its blue color and USN flag in both shoulders.

Known membersEdit

Below is known members of Purple Haze with their wanzer


Emma storylineEdit

In Emma storyline, Kazuki and team meet Purple Haze in USN fleet, west pacific, after their runaway from Japan. Purple Haze is allied with Kazuki, and helps them in some mission (but never in same battle).

If the player chose the front gate route, Purple Haze meets their fate in Taal Base in the hand of Jose Astrada, a prisoner who fights for OCU military in exchange of his freedom. Cindy, Gastor, and Joe die.

If the player chose the uphill route, Purple Haze meets their fate in the hand of Semaun Forsyth with his giant wanzer, Monsters.

Alisa storylineEdit

In Alisa storyline, Purple Haze is the enemy of Kazuki and team. Kazuki meet Purple Haze for the first time in Yokosuka Military Base when they are seen entering underground base in order to obtain MIDAS, but they failed. Kazuki, Ryogo, and Alisa fight them for a while before both team run away from JDF Special Forces that arrive in the scene. Kazuki and team run away, helped by Hei Fong Liu.

Later Kazuki meet and fight them again in Taal Base, where Purple Haze and Kazuki's team infiltrate the base with the same goal: to obtain MIDAS. They fail again. And the MIDAS, by OCU military, is detonated in Batangas, to eliminate DHZ fleet that wants to help rebels invading Luzon.

In Batangas after the detonation of MIDAS, Kazuki and team meet Purple Haze again by conversation.

Kazuki and team meet and fight Purple Haze again in Taipei suburb. Before the battle, Purple Haze is found to have destroyed military airport and seaport, making them unable to go to DHZ mainland except by Futai Tunnel.