Qwagger in FM2

The Qwagger (or Qwagga) is a wanzer model that only appeared in Front Mission 2. It is produced by the Vynce Japan.


Its arm parts are internally equipped with machineguns. It was never seen in real combat. Thus, it is not known how exactly is it deployed by military organizations. This along with the fact that it only has one variant has led to some speculation that it is actually a commercial failure. However, several arena combatats in Front Mission 2 piloted Qwagger.


  • Unknown


  • Qwagger M08 (Front Mission 2)

Known PilotsEdit

  • None


  • Qwagger is one of the few wanzer models that had never been seen being piloted in the missions, but it was piloted by some arena combatat in Front Mission 2.
  • Qwagger is also one of the few wanzer models that don't have any known variants but is not featured in Front Mission 3.