The Republic of Zaftra (Zaftra is a distorted version of the word "Завтра" - "Tomorrow" in Russian) is a supranational union consisting of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Zaftran capital, where the Zaftra Central Administration operates, is Moscow, Russia. The union's roots date back to the end of the USSR in 1991. The former Soviet republics struggled to survive on their own after it collapsed, facing economic hardships and civil conflicts. In an attempt to remedy their issues and make capitalism work, the splinter states reformed as the Republic of Zaftra in 2015.

In Front Mission the Republic of Zaftra used the Peace Mediation Organization (PMO) as a front to establish and maintain control over Huffman Island with the intent of exploiting its people and resources. The country would also serve as the main antagonist of Front Mission 4, where the Zaftran government attempted to orchestrate a war between the EC and the USN by attacking German military bases and the EC Resource Base in Poland.