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Rolf Wagner is a major character and antagonist featured in Front Mission 4.


Rolf was a Major in the E.C. military and leader of the Blauer Nebel special forces unit based out of E.C. Germany. Rolf attended the same military academy as Dieter Bosch, where he was praised as the ideal soldier and graduated at the top of his class. Rolf was assigned to the regular army and served in numerous missions prior to his assignment as leader of the Blauer Nebel. Rolf's calm and collected demeanor made it difficult for others to identify how he truly feels or what he's thinking.

In truth, Rolf was a Zaftran agent, stealing the identity of a murdered German youth before enlisting in the German armed forces. He led the traitorous Blauer Nebel in the plot by Nikhlas Glaeser and Zaftra to instigate a war between the E.C. and Unified Continental States, opposing the efforts of the Durandal to investigate the conspiracy. However, he expressed no particular attachment to his birth country; when challenged by Elsa Eliane over his motivations in their final encounter at the Battle of Paris, he denied any patriotic sentiment and claimed he simply wished to fight "the only ones who could best me in battle".

Rolf died during the Battle of Paris, after his wanzer was destroyed by the Durandal and EC Forces.