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Shanghai Steel (Chinese: 上海钢公司, lit. "Shanghai Steel Company") is a company that produces weapons and vehicles, including wanzers. Shanghai Steel makes an appearance in Front Mission 3 where a selection of their wanzers and their corporate website would be available to the main protagonist and his group.


According to their own website, Shanghai Steel claims that over 90% of the weapons and vehicles used by the D.H.Z. army and navy are their products. They were also working on developing wanzer-carrying submarines and wanzers that can operate underwater, which they claim officially that they have none created to date. Shanghai Steel is also said to export products to Southeast Asia[1].

Known Products[]


Mobile Weapons[]

Land Vehicles[]

  • Mk20 AFV
  • Unnamed armored train (i.e. likely the 'Armored Car' seen in Front Mission 3).[1]


Naval Ships[]

  • Mk39 PT Boat

Machine Guns[]

  • Mingda 2
  • Huida 3
  • Shunda 4

Grenade Launchers[]

  • Type 13 GR
  • Type 14 GR
  • Type 15 GR


  • Heavy Shield


  • Mk3 Pack
  • Mk6 Pack


  • Unspecified wanzer training products (software/simulators, controllers).


  • During Alisa's storyline, the main protagonist's group would be aboard a D.H.Z. submarine that was able to garrison wanzers. At one point, it was shown to launch wanzers via giant torpedo capsules with enough force to breach an area of a naval fortress.
  • During Emma's storyline, the main protagonist's group would eventually encounter the Qinghuayu 1 which was shown to be in an underwater submersible form before transforming and landing for an amphibious assault.
  • The text "上海钢公司" seen in Shanghai Steel's logo translates to roughly the same thing in both Chinese and Japanese.
  • The name of this company may have had its name to "Shanghai Iron & Steel Company" at some point.[1]
  • Prior to becoming the 'Shanghai Steel Company' and being headquartered in Shanghai, the group were weapon manufacturers based in Shenyang.[1]