Stabline in FM2

The Stabline is a wanzer model produced by the Sender Corp. of E.C. England. It has only appeared in Front Mission 2.


Stabline is characterized by above-average output but weak armour, while high mobility, and otherwise versatile abilities. However, despite this versatility, its weak armour has stopped it from being deployed in close-range wanzer combat. It uses hover as its main basis of movement

It was mainly deployed for purposes including infantry-directed fires and anti-air defense, primarily because of its internally equipped machineguns (in the body), and flamethrower (in the arms), thus rendering it highly efficient when it comes to dense fires.

Its first known deployment started in year 2091.



  • Stabline (Front Mission 2)

Known PilotsEdit

  • None


  • Stabline is one of the few wanzer models that doesn’t have any known variants but is not featured in Front Mission 3.