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Svinets in FM4

The Svinets (Russian: Свинец, Lead) is a mobile weapon model that only appeared in Front Mission 4. It was produced by the Demitri Corp. of the Republic of Zaftra. Its equipment includes two cannons and two missile launchers.


Its first appearance is in Front Mission 4, when Nikhlas Glaeser piloted it to engage the Durandal in the Zaftran Resource Base. It is later seen again when Rolf Wagner and Vasko Lukav Zeman led Zaftran troops to attack the EC Assembly in Paris. Its main weapon is the two cannons on the side of its body. It also has high armor and above-average mobility. It is likely to be exclusive to high ranking members of the Zaftran army since two out of three pilots of the wanzer model are named pilots and are known to be at the rank of Colonel (Zeman) and General (Gleaser).


  • Zaftran Army (Front Mission 4)


  • Svinets (Front Mission 4)

Known Pilots[]

  • Niklas Gleaser (Svinets), Front Mission 4
  • Vasko Lukhov Zeman (Svinets), Front Mission 4


  • Svinets is the only mobile weapon that can be fought in the Durandal scenario missions in Front Mission 4. However, Zhuk can also be fought in Durandal simulator 12.