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The Tora is a mobile weapon model that appeared in Front Mission 3.


The Tora is a towering mobile weapon at 15.5 meters tall, 8.2 x 8 meters wide, and weighting 102 tons. It is piloted by a crew of two. The D.H.Z. uses mobile weapon as a fire support wanzer, designated "Haolong 4" (豪龙, lit. "Heroic Dragon"). According to the D.H.Z. military website, the long legs of the mobile weapon are designed in a way that overcomes penalties caused by unfavorable terrain.

Its height provides a good vision of the battle field and allows more accurate engagement of enemy targets. It is armed with two machine gun and two missile launchers.


In Front Mission 3, the Tora appears only in Emma's story arc during the conflicts in Taipei and Nanjing as the "Haolong 4" and is operated by the Changli Army wanzer pilots.



  • HP: 695-1135
  • Def-C/DCM: 30%
  • Weapons:
    • 2x 20mm Machine Gun
    • 2x Yunsheng 42 (missile)


  • HP: 556-908
  • Type: 4 Legs
  • Movement: 4



  • According to the D.H.Z. website, the Tora/Haolong 4 is supposed to be armed with 70mm machine guns, and not the 20mm seen on the units in game.