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The Type 31 Railcannon is an experimental Mobile Weapon built by Yagisawa Industries and utilized by them as an experimental squad use Beam weapon: a core unit with cannon and two units that aim the cannon. Cerberus Garde attempts to steal the weapon and hand it to Schnecke for their own development research but are thwarted by the IMAC when they attack the Type 31's field testing in North Africa.


The Type 31 was created as a vast cross industry joint production; the WAW was based, design-wise, on Jade Metal-Lyman's Bloodhound series with their consented input. Iguchi Corp. then being responsible for manufacture of the weapon system's associated WAW, lastly with weapons manufacturer Papel producing the rifling itself and Yagisawa Industries producing the hover unit on Unit 03.

The system, similar to the TCK, required three pilots to utilize effectively and was slow moving when armed. To compensate for this the unit had an impressive firing range that was capable of destroying most WAW with a single shot that was not subject to the same friction or wind resistance of traditional arms; This weapon would take time to recharge but it often took longer to aim. The unit could separate and dodge though they would then have to reposition to use the weapon again, for this reason the unit is envisioned as a form of long range artillery rather than use in a frontline capacity with one to two WAW squads then defending it.

Each unit possessed an arm weapon that formed a segment of the cannon and then a "free hand" with the exception of Unit 03 which possessed a machine-gun arm with a Radome shoulder attachment


  • Type 31 Unit 01
  • Type 31 Unit 02
  • Type 31 Unit 03