Wildgoat wanzer 00

Wildgoat in FM4

The Wildgoat is a wanzer model that appeared in Front Mission First, Front Mission 4, Front Mission Online and Front Mission Evolved. In its first appearance, it had a tread as its default leg part, but it later became a two-legged wanzer model in 4 and Online. It is produced by Leonora Enterprises of O.C.U. Australia.


Wildgoat and its variants tend to have above-average armour and output, but rather poor mobility and evasion, indicating that it is best suited for providing long-range support fire. In most of its appearances, Wildgoat was seen equipped with shoulder weapons. It was seen being used by the U.S.N. Army and Spirit of Huffman in Front Mission First.


  • U.S.N. Huffman (Front Mission First, Online)
  • The Spirit of Huffman, primarily as missileers (Front Mission First)


  • Wildgoat (Front Mission First, 4, Online, Evolved)

    Wildgoat in FM1st.

  • Wildgoat II (Front Mission First, 4)
  • Ratmount (Front Mission First, 4, Online)
  • Sandmole (Front Mission Online)

Known PilotsEdit


  • Wildgoat is one of the two wanzer model series that debut in Front Mission First with tread legs, yet later appeared as two-legged wanzers, presumably due to the fact that later installment only included wanzers which can have normal or hover legs. The other wanzer model line that did this is Pavot.